Horticulture presentations include slide shows and demonstrations of planting techniques:

Four-Seasons Garden :

Come along with us on a lively slide tour of Lucille’s flowering gardens throughout the seasons. Her fast-paced slide show will highlight many low-maintenance plants. See lovely perennial gardens, with annuals, trees, and shrubs for color and interest. Known locally as “The Plant Lady” her vibrant personality comes alive when she speaks of her gardens. See if you can keep up with her enthusiasm! Bring along your pen to mark those plants on her slide list that you’ll want in your garden, too.

Shade Gardens:

Learn how to work with nature to create a serene, peaceful atmosphere in your garden.  The four types of shade, and plants best suited for each, will be demonstrated through a slide presentation and lively discussion.  Learn the clues that your plants use to “tell” you their sun/shade preferences. Learn how to use light and dark for drama, and how to get the most out of the shady spots in your garden.  An invaluable class for all those Long Island gardeners whose landscapes have matured and now have less sunlight in their garden.

A New Garden from the Ground Up:

Learn the best methods for beginning a new perennial garden/mixed border, from the ground up.  Site selection, bed preparation, compost, and mulch will be discussed.  The slide portion of this program will highlight plant selections for both sunny and shady gardens. The gardening hints and advice are worth their weight in gardener’s gold (compost!) for both the novice and advanced garden enthusiast!

Instructor: Lucille Forgione Hoell, M.G.