Spring Workshops

Lemon Door Wreath

Arranged on a straw wreath with fresh lemon leaves, real lemons, white silk lemon flowers, ribbons, & wrapped lemon drops candy, it is for your members to take home for their spring outdoor decoration. We supply everything.

Basket of Fresh Flowers

Creating an arrangement for their holiday tables, participants will fill a handled basket with a variety of fresh greens, a variety of fresh spring flowers including "baby's breath," tulip & daffodil silks, & seasonally appropriate embellishments. We supply everything.

Mother’s Day Vase of Fresh Flowers

Every participant will learn, during this hands-on workshop, the proper way to take a bouquet of flowers and artistically arrange them in a vase decorated with tulle and ribbon to bring home as a Mother's Day gift. We supply everything.

Plants from Seed

Members plant seed in cell packs to take home, with participant's choice of seeds. We supply everything. Included is their planted flat of seed for 72 plants, with a mini greenhouse. Also are all materials: cell packs, labels, sterilized potting mix, annual seeds for a cutting garden, biennials, vegetables, & of course perennials for permanent plants. Participants will go home with instructions for indoors/outdoors seed germination, transplanting seedlings into the garden, and after care to assure beautiful, healthy plants.

Summer Workshops

Fruit Flowers Bouquet in a Vase

Members will bring in some of the fruit used in this workshop. They will be instructed on the techniques used to carve flowers from fruit. They will artfully arrange their carved fruit flowers & leaves in a vase to take home for the enjoyment of family and friends. We supply some of the fruit. We come equipped with all the tools for their use at our workshop.

Watermelon Basket

Members will bring their own watermelon and immediately begin carving a beautiful watermelon basket. We supply the embellishments for their baskets to be taken home to delight their family and friends. We come equipped with all the tools for their use at our workshop.

Fall Workshops

Cornucopia Fresh Centerpiece

Participants create in a cornucopia {or other suitable}fall basket a live design by combining fresh broad-leaved evergreens, fall-colored leaves, dried grasses, wheat, naturally dried flower seed heads, and a variety of fresh fall flowers, into a charming centerpiece to welcome Autumn into their homes. We supply everything.

Fresh Evergreen Lush & Beautiful Outdoor Swag

With varieties of needled & broad-leaved evergreens, pinecones, eucalyptus, dried orange slices, a bow, & seasonally appropriate embellishments, each member will custom design a long-lasting outdoor decoration for his/her home. We supply everything.

Winter Workshops

Fresh Evergreen Kissing Ball

Participants will design a hanging decoration of live flat-leaved evergreens and ribbons and berries to take home for their enjoyment. We supply everything.

Fresh Evergreen & Candle Centerpiece Workshop

Each person will create an arrangement for his/her dining room table, using 5 different types of needled evergreens, 2 types of broad-leaved evergreens, silk poinsettias {choice of red or white}, ball ornaments {choice of gold, multi-colored, blue, or silver}, with seasonally appropriate embellishments: dried orange slices, candy canes, pinecones, glitter, and ribbons. Chose either a round or rectangular design. We supply everything.

Watch for information about our future workshops. Please check with your local librarians, as sometimes the workshops fill up before I can get them on the website. Thank you. })I({ Lucille